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Students in front of Engineering building

Dear Patriots,


Please be advised that J. Fernando Caetano, who has been serving as our University Ombudsman, will be leaving his position with Mason effective this Friday, February 17, 2017.  Mr. Caetano has served in this position since April 2015, and his contributions to our community’s climate of inclusion and respect are greatly appreciated.

Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics is currently in the process of reviewing options for ombudsperson services at Mason.  While at this point no interim Ombudsman has been named, CDE invites all members of the Mason community – students, staff, faculty, and employees – to continue to utilize the services, offices, and professionals on campus to resolve any issues that may arise:

  • Dean of Students(3-2884) – committed to the academic success and health of all Mason’s students, and the promotion of their rights and responsibilities as full participants in the Mason community.  For students, the place to start for any student-related issue other than academic and financial.
  • Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics(3-8730, – investigates reports of harassment and discrimination by and for all members of the Mason community, including complaints of sexual misconduct (Title IX) and discrimination based on disability (ADA).
  • Academic Integrity(3-6209, – responsible for resolving accusations of Honor Code violations, as well as provides educational resources for students, faculty and staff for promoting academic success through a commitment to integrity.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services(3-2380) – provides confidential personal and academic services to students; individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, consultations to students, faculty and staff, and community education programs are all offered.
  • Employee Relations(3-3878, – confidentially resolves issues related to university employees, with services including but not limited to: coaching, consultation, policy questions, and alternative dispute resolution (e.g., mediation).

The Ombudsman is not allowed to discuss concerns over email. Please only use email for scheduling a meeting. To request a meeting, please send an email to the Ombudsman and ask for available times.